About us

PluSure is member of the PLM Consortium EasyPlus

PluSure BEGAN its successful journey in 2007

Several business meetings with customers from different industries and one common need: being more efficient in their internal processes and better managing the entire product lifecycle.

As a matter of fact, companies not only need to select the right technologies to keep up with the disruption and remain competitive, but they also need to have full control of the digital tools they posses, while being driven by the goal of achieving continuous improvement.

PluSure was born to help all companies to achieve this goal thanks to the technology by reaching high standard of precision, control and efficiency

Playing always at the TOP – Leading, Exceeding, Performing and Achieving

This is PluSure motto.

PluSure equips its clients with what they need to succede. Customers from different industries continuously reach great success thanks to a tailored support that accompanies them throughout the digital transformation towards a continuous improvement

LEADER in the Configuration, Management and Support of complex systems

  • PluSure has a significant presence in the following industries: Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Consumer Goods, Machinery.
  • The main services the company offers are:
    • System configurations and customisations
    • System management
    • User application support
    • User training
    • Application maintenance

Quality MANAGEMENT SYSTEM certification

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification